Ferahan Rug


West Persia, 19th century
196 x 131 cm (6’ 5” x 4’ 4”)
Condition: very good, corroded light green, upper end slightly incomplete, lower kilim end slightly damaged
Warp: cotton, weft: cotton, pile: wool

The Arak area of west Persia benefited greatly from the carpet revival period of the second half of the 19th century.
The best-quality workshops found new elegant expressions of fashionable patterns. In particular the Ferahan region began to produce high-quality carpets with deep indigo grounds and light green borders; these became highly associated with the British nobility and country house chic.
This fine and well-preserved example has that light green in its border; it contains copper oxide and therefore oxidises and corrodes the wool over time, giving the border a slightly sculpted effect. The blue ground pattern is referred to as the mustafi in Farsi and is an interpretation of French scrolling floral designs popular at the time.
However, as is always the case in the most characterful carpets from this region, the weaver has managed to include small anthropomorphic and zoomorphic elements that at first inspection look like small birds or stray blossoms.

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