Figure, Luba-Shankadi


H: 49 cm (1' 7")
Congo, mid 20th century

The style of the Shankadi can be recognized by the cross-ridged hairstyle. This is a female hardwood ancestor figure with a modern, cubistic, and sophisticated design. It is adorned with blue beaded earrings, a necklace, and an arm ring, completing this beautiful aesthetic sculpture. Compared to the Luba-Hemba, little is known about the Luba-Shankadi, as the enthusiasm for these works of art at the time led to a lack of precise field research.

Published in the book: "DIE SAMMLUNG Gerhard F. Vesely", page 214
Provenance: Jean Digné, France

Estimate: € 5000 - 6000

Startpreis / Startingbid

2 400 €