Statue Fang Ngumba


H: 61 cm (2')
Southern Cameroon, ca. 1900 - 1930

The base of this relic figure is labeled with the suspected inscription 'Pangwe' or 'Pangwa-South Cameroon'. This statue is richly decorated with brass fittings on the body. Holding a medicine horn in its hands adorned with brass bands suggests that this figure was also used for the healing of the psyche and the body. Both legs, as is customary among the Fang, are also adorned with brass rings. The head bears a bundle of feathers from sacrificial animals. A deliberately induced umbilical hernia shown by the figure is common in this region and has a sexual connotation. A carved stick attached to the buttocks was used to fix the figure to the bark container with the relics of the ancestors.

Published in the book: "DIE SAMMLUNG Gerhard F. Vesely", page 152
Provenance: Josef F. Vesely (1900 - 1987)

Estimate: € 10000 - 12000

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5 000 €